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1040 US

  • Unlimited access to 1040 US forms

  • Report stocks, bonds, and other investment income (Schedule D)

    Rental income & deductions (Schedule E)

    Small business deductions

One Stop Shop. No Hidden Fees.

Taxmania brings an affordable tax software platform to your finger tips. Unlike our competitors, we don't charge you more for additional forms. Everything included for the low cost of $14.99: Capital Gains tax form (Schedule D), Rental Income Deductions (Schedule E), Small business deductions, and more.

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Our Technical Support Team is ready to answer any questions or situations you may have with the application. You can send us a help ticket through your Taxmania profile and our team will be answering your request as soon as possible. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00a.m. at 6:00p.m.

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Customer Reviews

“I don't have to fill anything! They import the data from prior years and the platform is really easy to use."

Adrian ayala

“The system has my basic information, so I only fill out the form questions and done! Very easy, convenient, and fast.”

Brenda trinidad

“I've been filing my taxes using this platform for a few years and I've never had a problem. For me, this is the only real option to file my taxes.”

Waleska tapia

“It's a very easy to use tool. It automatically tells you if there's a mistake in your forms. It is hands down the best tool to fill your taxes.”

Wesley Fernandez

“It's very easy to use and the program helps you fill out the forms quickly.”

Damaris Suliveres

“I would use it again! Easy tool to use and very clear to submit my online tax returns.”

Valerie Suarez